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Born in Nicaragua and raised in New York, DJ LEX had many influences. But what spoke to him the most was the language of music. As a kid, he lingered around park jams in uptown Manhattan and was intrigued by the DJ’s he saw performing in the neighborhood. Their taste in music, scratches and blending drew him in to a whole new world he never knew existed. He studied their movements, transitions, and saw the crowds reaction from the DJ’s command of his craft.

DJ LEX was enamored by the connection made from DJ to community. Hip Hop had emerged and was evolving rapidly. Immersed in the culture and gaining profound experience with his skill-set led to new opportunities performing nationally as well as internationally.

DJ LEX has worked with a plethora of artists, but most notably ​ artists such as Souls of Mischief, Living Legends, Pep Love, Misfitz Ov Stylz, All Purpose Dj’s and Big Shotz Family. DJ LEX’s unique and original style is clearly evident in his creative works and he continues to prioritize the importance of community.

He is also the founder of a monthly Hip-Hop event called Wax Trippin in Oakland, CA. His vision and determination pioneered a way for the community to have a space to perform and enjoy music. Wax Trippin provided a stage for independent artists to express their art with an audience during a time when underground Hip-Hop events were scarce in the Bay Area. He also promotes underground Hip-Hop through mixtapes while nourishing the community’s spirits through music, creativity, education and authenticity.

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Wax Trippin

The Bay Area Premier Independent Artist Showcase returns!

Learn more at

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Wax Trippin

The Bay's independent hip-hop showcase

Since 2017, Wax Trippin has showcased over 300 independent artists. From rising stars to Hip-Hop legends, Wax Trippin boasts one mission, to celebrate and elevate dope music. Learn more at

Limousine 10

Bigg tae presents

Bigg Tae presents Limousine 10, a Hip-Hop supergroup consisting of Imerald Brown, Genoa Brown, MykenIyke, Lockdown, Eddie K, DJ Monk Earl, DJ 6 Rock, and DJ LEX. Debut album out NOW!

100 Dollar Cuts

For a Limited Time Only!

Now for limited time, DJ LEX is offering "100 Dollar Cuts" for independent artists looking to add color and texture to their music. If you're interested, reach out ASAP!


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